Grooming Services
Please note prices vary with size, coat condition and temperament. A more accurate price can be given when you drop off your dog.

🐶 Bath only - starting from £12

Express bath service for after those muddy walks or if your dog has rolled in something stinky. 💩 Please note your dog will leave the salon clean but damp.

Deep cleansing bath, rinse & Towel dry.

🐶 Bath & Blow Dry - starting from £25

Deep cleansing bath and conditioner, Blow dry, Full brush, Nails, Pads & Hygiene areas clipped if necessary, Ear Clean & Perfume Spritz Finish.

Perfect in between full grooms to keep your dogs coat in great condition.

🐶 Bath & De-shed - starting from £25

Hoovering twice a day? Fur balls in every corner of the house? Time for a de-shed!!

Pre bath blast dry to loosen & blow out any dead coat, Deep cleansing bath and conditioner, Blow dry, Deep brush/rake/de-shed, Ear clean & Perfume spritz finish.

🐶 Full Groom - Starting from £35

Deep cleansing bath and conditioner, Blow dry and thorough brush to remove dead coat and tangles, Styling/trimming/clipping, Nail trim, Ear clean & Perfume spritz finish.

🐶 Puppy Introduction package - £60 when booking first 3 grooms up to 6 months old or £25 for individual visits.

Gentle bath and blow dry, Brush/Comb and de-tangle if required, Face and Paw trim & Perfume spritz finish.

Its important to introduce your puppy to a grooming environment from an early age. A groom room can be a daunting place for your pup so we introduce them using play and treats to all the sights, sounds and smells of a grooming salon. We can advise you on how to work with your dog at home between grooms to keep your dogs coat in tip top condition.

🐶 Hand stripping - from £50

Full groom for dogs with a requirement for hand stripping. Removes that wirey top coat to reveal your dogs true colour. 

🐶 Nail Trimming - from £8

Nails trimmed


Additional charges may apply e.g matted coats, flea infestations and time taken due for aggression. Please see terms for details.