You will be required to read and sign this disclaimer before we will groom your dog.



When registering your dog with us you will be required to sign a customer consent form. You must inform us of any pre-existing medical conditions and/or allergies that your dog suffers to enable us to tailor your dog's grooming session. We would also ask you to update us of any changes to your dog's health/behaviour for our records. Senior pets and pets with health problems have a greater risk of injury, The greatest consideration for these pets should be comfort and cleanliness, The Dogfather Groomers Pets will not compromise any pet’s health and wellbeing to achieve “the perfect groom”.

Throughout the grooming process great care will be taken with regards to the health, safety and wellbeing of your dog. During the groom we may find pre-existing conditions or problems which you are not aware of. On collection of your dog, we will inform you of these so you can seek the advice of your vet. Groomers are not vets and we will not offer an opinion with regards to medical conditions, if we discover something of a medical concern, we will always advise you to contact your registered vet for the proper professional advice. We are not liable for any costs incurred from your vet as a result of these findings/recommendations.

In the event of an emergency, injury or serious medical issue whilst grooming we will seek immediate veterinary care.


The owner must inform The Dogfather Groomers if your pet bites, has bitten before, is aggressive, unpredictable and/or has any other behavioural issues, including nervousness. It is the owners responsibility to notify us of any potential danger or behavioural issue. We will make every reasonable attempt to groom uncooperative pets, but we may not be able to complete a groom on pet that pose a threat to themselves or our groomers.

We reserve the right to muzzle* any pet for their safety and ours. Extremely aggressive or unruly pets will not be groomed. If a dog is felt to be exhibiting behaviour that is unsafe, it may be in the best interest of the pet that the groom be stopped. A fee will be charged dependent on work completed up to that point. 

The Dogfather Grooomers has the right to refuse grooming services, stop grooming services, or cancel grooming services at any time before, during or after grooming.

*Muzzles - Muzzling does not harm your pet and protects both the pet and the groomer. Muzzles will only be used as a last resort. If your pet acts in a manner that our groomer feels is dangerous, The Dogfather Groomers has the right to stop grooming services at any time and a service fee will be collected. We will not muzzle unless your pet gives us a reason to.

Matted/Neglected Coat

Welfare - We always act in the animals best interest and will not spend time trying to dematt a coat that is causing your dog pain and suffering.

If we discover your dog has a severely matted or neglected coat, we are obligated by the Animal Welfare Act 2006 (Animals are to be protected from pain, injury, suffering and disease) to act in your dog's best interests, welfare comes before vanity. We will inform you that your dog's coat needs to be clipped off, as this process will take longer (your dog will require regular comfort breaks) than a regular groom and causes more damage to our blades which will need sharpening, you will incur an additional charge of up to £15, you will also be required to sign our de matting consent form. Your dog's coat will grow back and if you work with us by following our home grooming advice, we can work towards a “style” for your dog. We will however recommend a groom that suits your dog's lifestyle.  

Your dog will feel much happier, more comfortable and less stressed after a matted coat has been removed, however please be aware that coats which are badly matted or have been neglected may have caused skin to become irritated/sore. These effects could be visible after the groom. If your dog develops an itchy skin response, skin redness and scratches causing the skin to become irritated after the groom and you have any concerns please seek your vet's advice. We are not liable for any post grooming affects that are a direct result from neglected coat.


We will check over your dog prior to grooming, if we discover fleas, we will immediately bath with a flea treatment shampoo. Our salon will also need to be treated before the next appointment to prevent cross contamination, you will incur an additional £10 charge for the shampoo and time taken to disinfect the salon. You will be advised to seek your vet's attention for your dog and to treat your home. Once your dog has left the salon it will not be protected from further reinfection without the proper preventative treatment.


We may take photographs of your dog before, during and after their groom and use the photos for our social media and advertising, we won't disclose any of your personal details. Please inform us if you would prefer us not to use them.


Please try and give us a minimum 48 hours notice of your need to cancel an appointment.

If we don't receive 24 hours notice of cancellation prior to your appointment it is unlikely that we can rebook that timeslot. Anyone failing to give 24 hours notice will be required to pay 50% of the cost of their pets groom before we can book a replacement appointment. All deposits are non refundable if 24 hours notice of cancellation is not given.